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Russ Andrews Accessories was established by Russ Andrews back in 1986, born out of a dissatisfaction with the lack-lustre performance of many, even very expensive, Hi-Fi systems and the desire to achieve real musical enjoyment from recordings.

To our knowledge, we were the very first company to supply a commercially available audiophile mains cable in the UK, using the unique properties of Kimber's woven cable to re-invigorate the music making abilities of Hi-Fi components.

Since then, we have developed a range of mains improvement products, from our PowerKords™ and SuperKords™ to our highly effective power filters, conditioners and balanced mains supplies. So whatever level of system you own, we have a choice of dedicated audiophile power products to fit your budget.

You've probably noticed we only sell one brand of cable, KIMBER KABLE. The reason is simple: because it works. Brilliantly!

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