Welcome to Clarity

the trade association for the UK hi-fi industry

Welcome to Clarity

The trade association building a better future for the UK hifi industry

Be part of a community that represents the Hi-Fi industry’s retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. By becoming a member today, Clarity Alliance will help you:

        - Keep your business competitive

        - Understand and sell more products

        - Grow your business through emerging technologies

Our board and members recognise the challenges and opportunities in the current retail landscape including the evolution in customer expectations both online and in-store. 


Should you join Clarity?

Membership is open to any company or individual working in specialist hi-fi and home cinema. All members have equal status as the Clarity Alliance represents the whole industry. It comes with voting rights which can be exercised at the Annual General Meeting and the right to stand for election to the board of directors and all members have access to a wide range of benefits designed to help their businesses.

Clarity is on a mission to be a stamp of authority for hi-fi retailers, manufacturers and suppliers. Be part of a trade association that provides a community to help navigate a challenging market and recognises those offering the best in the hi-fi industry.

Membership with Clarity doesn’t just offer you a seat at the industry-wide table and Clarity accreditation, it comes with benefits for your business.

Download the Clarity Information Brochure by clicking HERE.


Trusted Member Scheme

Members of Clarity are the best of the best when it comes to hi-fi retail, manufacture and distribution. They are all passionate about what they do, which, put simply, is sharing their expertise and impartial advice with you, to provide the very best home entertainment solutions that satisfy your requirements.

Look out for the Trusted Member scheme tick mark in the hi-fi shop window, on the website and social media of your local shop or the manufacturer whose products you are interested in.

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Clarity Trusted Member logo

We are delighted to launch our brand-new podcast, The Sound of Clarity.

Hosted by Phil Hansen, Jon Loome and Paul Laville sets out the aims of Clarity to provide a collaborative environment supporting hi-fi retailers and manufacturers and previews topics that will be discussed in future episodes.

You can subscribe to the podcast via Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Deezer and where you get your podcasts. We will be adding more platforms shortly. Or you can click below to listen directly from our dedicated Sound of Clarity podcast episode micro-site.

Follow the link Clarity Podcast



Save money on shipping to your customers, from online purchases to eBay sales.


In conjunction with our preferred commercial insurance broker, we've tailored retailer insurance to save you money and cover your assets.


Courtesy of Blink, members are offered very competitive credit card rates, virtual terminals and EPOS integration; the rates are better than other major providers.


Attend the annual conference for free as part of your Clarity membership. Network with colleagues from all corners of the AV industry. Speakers at the conference provide massive insights and discuss current trends and challenges that you'll find invaluable.

Gfk Market Data

Receive presentations annually from GfK on the current state of the AV retail market. This information provides crucial data points to fine-tune your business which would normally cost thousands.


Gain access to subsidised industry-recognised training courses in - Sales and marketing - Health and safety at work - 2 channel and AV system installation - Home networks and security

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The Benefits Of Buying From A Clarity Trusted Member

Salespeople do not prejudice customers in any way

They will not make assumptions of the customer

They will always seek information in order to understand their customers’ needs.

Knowledge of how the product/ technology will perform within the your home

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